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As low as £3.95 per pack

M&P E-Refills cartridges are fully compatible as Nicolites refill cartridges.

E-Refills are £3* cheaper than Nicolites per pack of 3 refills and, we believe, deliver a superior taste and vape experience for our users. 

  • E-Refills - 3 refill cartridges per pack = £3.95
  • Nicolites - 3 refill cartridges per pack = £6.95*

All of our products are designed from the liquid up, meaning we have full control over the quality of our products - our cartomisers / refills are designed to work perfectly with our liquid, and our batteries are designed to fit and work perfectly with our own refills. We are really proud of our products, and have gone to great lengths to ensure our customers are getting an ideal balance of taste, throat hit and lots of water vapour in all of our refills.

Note: Nicolites™ is a Registered Trademark owned by Nikhil Nathwani and is a Trademark associated with Nicocigs Limited (company no.: 06622136), a company NOT associated with E-Refills by Murray & Priory Ltd.

* Price updated August 2014