Not recommended: semi-compatible as E-Lites refills / e-tips

£2.67 cheaper per refill than E-Lites


M&P E-Refills cartridges are semi-compatible as E-Lites refills.

E-Refills cartridges can fit E-Lites batteries when screwed in with pressure. Line up the threads carefully and assert some pressure when screwing in your E-Refills cartridge - start this process again if it doesn't quite work the first time. Once the E-Refills cartridge is fully screwed into the battery, it does work very well.

Given this non perfect fit with E-Lites, use at your own risk. We recommend buying the E-Refills e-cigarette starter pack which includes all you need if you're looking for a wide choice of quality e cigarette refill flavours for very competitive prices.

E-Refills by M&P are a full £2.67 cheaper per refill than E-Lites and, we believe, our refills deliver a superior taste and vape than when using E-Lites refills. Try it for yourself!

E-Refills vs E-Lites:

  • E-Refills - 1 refill cartridges = £1.32
  • E-Lites refills / e-tips - 1 refill cartridges = £3.99*

Our products are designed from the liquid up, meaning we have full control over the quality of our products - our cartomisers / refills are designed to work perfectly with our liquid, and our batteries are designed to fit and work perfectly with our own refills. We are very proud of our products, and have gone to great lengths to ensure our customers are getting an ideal balance of taste, throat hit and lots of water vapour in all of our refills.

Note: E-Lites™ is a Registered Trademark owned by Zandera Ltd (company no.: 06838726), a company NOT associated with M&P E-Refills™.

* Price updated September 2013