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10 Motives Compatible Refills - 3 x M&P Tobacco Flavoured Cartridges

E-Refills by Murray & Priory are fully compatible as 10 Motives refills. 

If this is too strong for you, or you prefer to have a sweeter or nuttier body to the vape, we recommend our Gold & Silver or Virginia Tobacco blends respectively. Alternatively, start with our Red Tobacco blend which strikes a more neutral balance between all of our tobacco blends. All of our tobacco blends are extracted from natural tobacco leaves. 

Available in both medium (12mg nicotine) and strong (18mg nicotine). Inside the box:

  • 10 Motives compatible
  • 3 x tobacco flavoured refill cartridges
  • Free shipping for orders over £25
  • £1.50 fixed rate for orders under £25
10 Motives is a Registered Trademark owned by Ten Motives Limited (company no.: 06757227) (previous name is Eagle Electronic Cigarettes Ltd.), a company NOT associated with E-Refills by Murray & Priory Ltd.

The M&P Variety Refills Pack

Try three of our flavours - Apple, Vanilla and Menthol - with our variety pack. A great way to put some of our most popular flavours to the test.

Developed from the flavour up - Murray & Priory produces all of its own e-liquids, refill cartridges and e-cigarettes

Buy Variety Refills Pack


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E-Refills electronic cigarette refill cartridges contain nicotine. Do not use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or allergic to  propylene glycol. Consult a doctor if you are at all unsure of the effects of nicotine when vaping electronic cigarettes. E-Refills electronic cigarettes are an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes and not intended to help you quit smoking.